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School News.. Summer 2021 update


Summer Term ends with sunshine and smiles (Ok and a few tears from our Years 6s!).

Dear parents and carers,

We have made it to the end of term – congratulations one and all, pupils, staff and parents! This academic year has been like no other schools and families have faced numerous challenges from the outset and together we have overcome many. A sincere thank you from us all in Saundersfoot CP School for all that you have done this year. You have followed any advice given, communicated openly about illnesses and COVID symptoms, supporting the school as we have attempted to maintain a level of normality for your children, despite at times feeling the total opposite!!

We hope you, your child/ren and family enjoy the summer break, we all deserve some time away from the desks. At present we are still awaiting guidance information for the Autumn term, however, the school has already made plans for the mixing of year groups at play and lunch from September. The school introduced many new procedures and systems during the ‘lockdowns’ and return to school and will look to keep many of the proven systems. One being the exit of year groups at the end of the day, Foundation Phase will remain at the top gates, with Key Stage 2 at the main gates, and the collection of siblings together from the top gates, these will all remain in September.
We will write to you at the beginning of the new term with the updates the Welsh Government documents will bring, but for now we need to congratulate one another for all that we have achieved during the year.
It has truly been a collaboration between home and school this year, it never fails to impress what can be achieved through determination, hard work and teamwork.
Enjoy the Summer break.
Team Saundersfoot
Operational guidance for schools and settings to support limited attendance click here

We hope that you are all safe and well. We would like to thank you for keeping in touch with us during this challenging time and for your involvement in, and support of, your child’s learning.

At Saundersfoot CP School we are looking forward to the Summer term and the challenges it is sure to bring.  The following information will help us all to ensure, as much as possible, a safe and purposeful experience as we move into 2021.  By working together we will ensure that our children in Saundersfoot School will feel cared for, ready to learn and safe.

Schools, families and communities are now  truly in a   collaborative approach from both home and school, we do appreciate it is not easy and we are here to help in whatever way we can. The staff wish you all to know that we are committed in helping to maintain literacy, numeracy and social connections for all our pupils.

The school successfully transitioned over to on site teaching and learning during the Spring term, acting on the feedback given as part of the parental survey. Additional feedback is always appreciated as this will help ensure the school continually develops its systems and procedures, helping to keep everyone safe during this extremely pressured and challenging time.

The video below is a sample of our remote learning teaching and learning from Year 6 all the way down to the Nursery.

Parental feedback March 2021.

Saundersfoot School worked extremely hard to provide support, structure and education to our children throughout the pandemic. On day’s where my children needed the schools hub provision they always came out smiling and I can’t thank the staff enough for providing the children not only with an education but a safe enjoyable place as well. 

I felt that the school handled the lockdown fantastically, my daughter had online learning everyday which she engaged in and enjoyed. Thank you

They did everything they could in such hard times. A lot of respect and gratitude to Mr Allen and all staff at the school for their way they adapted so well.

I could not ask for better, the way Saundersfoot CP School managed the hole lockdown was amazing. Massive thank you!

The difference of support with the Google classrooms made a big difference to the children in feeling more like a part of the class. Mrs Evans made real effort to keep that lovely community sense going g in particular, I loved how they all had ‘story time’ together with Miss reading to them and then discussion afterwards as a group. 

We really are genuinely impressed with the schools handling of both lockdowns. The google classroom was excellent and Leon enjoyed interacting with both the teacher and pupils. The system worked very well for our family.

Parental feedback January 2021;

I must say the Live classrooms offer from Saundersfoot School has been brilliant. Children are engaged and working really hard. I realise how much hard work must be going into setting up this new way of working. Whilst nothing beats face to face teaching, what you have all developed has been a triumph as far as I can see. Well done all. Year 2 and  4 parent – Mrs Howells.

The Google meet classroom has been brilliant this week. We are so impressed with the standard of teaching that has been delivered and how you have managed this transition to home learning. We really appreciate how much hard work it has taken to deliver this support and are so grateful. Well done to all the staff at Saundersfoot school! Year 5 parent Mrs McAllister.

Thank you so much for the live lessons. They are brilliant! So impressed with how the school has adapted under these circumstances to help our children. Well done everyone for all your hard work,  Year 3 and 5 parent, Mrs Griffiths. 

It is important to be aware that school IS NOT the same as it was before the COVID-19 crisis. It is also important to realise that government guidance changes frequently, so all plans are subject to further changes outside of our control.


Sfoot Recovery Parental Leaflet
Sfoot Recovery letter 16062020

Estyn November 2019.

We are delighted to share with you the outcome of the recent Estyn inspection visit. Estyn have confirmed that the school has addressed all of the issues identified in the May 2018 inspection.

Key highlights from the report are:

  • The standards of teaching and learning have improved significantly across the school. 
  • Teachers provide exciting, relevant learning experiences that engage pupils successfully. 
  • Teachers have high expectations that their pupils will work hard and try to do their best. 
  • All staff have worked hard to develop a consistent approach to providing feedback to pupils 
  • Collaborative working at all levels has improved since the core inspection. 
  • Teachers and learning support assistants know that their work is valued and are committed to achieving the best outcomes for their pupils 
  • The headteacher has managed the changes at the school thoughtfully. He has been consistent in his expectations that all teachers will take part in the school’s improvement journey. There is now a purposeful working culture at the school. 

The school is committed to building upon these firm foundations, ensuring that all pupils make the progress of which they are capable.

To access the full report click here.

Open Afternoon.

Thank you to parents and guardians who attended school for our open afternoon, sharing the learning journey we have gone on as a school. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with children sharing and leading the learning for parents. The school is always looking for ways to improve, it has made significant progress during the past 14 months and is keen to maintain this development.  Your views are important to us as a school and we encourage all parents to provide feedback helping the school continue its journey.

Message from our Mr Allen and the Governors. 

Choosing the right school for your child is vitally important. Parents want a good education for their child but they also want them to be happy and to feel safe and secure. At Saundersfoot School we believe that we can offer all these things.

The dedication of all staff ensures that they support the development of resilient, creative and ambitious learners who will become positive members of the local and wider community. We also pride ourselves in having strong values within the school to drive good citizenship and help our pupils to be valuable members of our future society. 

Reading about the school is helpful, however, visiting the school is essential so you can experience the nurturing, inclusive ethos within each class and the school.  

Last term’s attendance was…