Education in Wales is changing.

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FABB6 – 50 activities before Blwyddyn Chwech.

#FABB6 Launch

We are pleased to launch our FULL #FABB6 with you all. We have been working with our pupils, staff, parents and Governors to develop our locally based rich child hood experiences.

We are focused and driven in ensuring our pupils make memories, facilitate friendship and are rewarded for their resilience. Health and well being is the bedrock of our learning in Saundersfoot CP School. You can follow our FABB6 on twitter #FABB6.

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For the full article following the link – Western telegraph 

SLEEPING under the stars and taking to the water on paddleboards are just two of the activities on a Pembrokeshire school’s bucket list.

Alongside formal classroom learning, Saundersfoot CP School’s youngsters are on a ’50 tasks before Year 6′ challenge to help them make the most of their lives and surroundings, especially the seaside.

Its introduction follows a recent consultation of pupils, staff, parents and governors and will complement the new curriculum for Wales.


Saundersfoot CP School’s unique and exciting context for the revised curriculum..

A recent consultation of pupils, staff, parents and governors has seen an exciting curriculum development for Saundersfoot CP school.

Headteacher Mr Nick Allen said ‘We are really looking forward to the new curriculum and ‘the 50 tasks before year six’ is a series of enriching and memorable activities to complement the curriculum and will be key milestones or celebrations for our pupils as they move through  Saundersfoot CP School. Despite all that we have experienced with Covid the school has been also looking forward to the future and we’ve been developing the project for some time. With many of the staff being parents, we discussed the National Trusts ’50 things to do before 11 3/4’ and wanted to create our own list but focused on education and the revised curriculum.’

The staff in Saundersfoot have been acknowledged by Estyn for ‘knowing their pupils and doing their best for them’ and for me, this project celebrates the very best of what  Saundersfoot  can offer. In fact the impact of Covid gave us even more focus to ensure our pupils experienced authentic and genuine enriching activities that ultimately supported their health and well-being.

As a beach school with Saundersfoot and Coppet  beaches only  minutes walk away, a number of  the activities and experiences will take place there. The school community felt that it was important for our children to be able to identify local flora and fauna  both on the coast, the coastline and wider community, we also have included activities such as camp out under the stars and my personal favourite is  to learn to stand up paddle board.

Sharon Gillespie deputy head added ‘Using the outdoor classroom has always been intrinsic in delivering the Foundation Phase Framework and the benefits of this in developing a love, appreciation and respect for nature and the environment as well as essential skills such as reflective and inquisitive thinking,  resilience and adaptability, collaboration and communication skills are numerous and well documented.  Having so many outdoor and inclusive learning experiences included in our list of 50 things will enhance our curriculum offer and further enable us to ensure that the benefits of being and learning in the outdoors is accessible to all our pupils across the whole school.”

The revised curriculum provides the school with an opportunity to focus on designing the curriculum within the locality and to move outwards to a global aspect, the beach and coastal location of Saundersfoot is an ideal location for this.

Year 6 teacher and assistant Headteacher, Jan Lloyd commented ‘ We have a proven track record of camping with our year six pupils and hope to extend this to year five. The pupils have gained valuable transferable skills in doing this whilst building some treasured memories. Our list of 50 things is not just about academic achievement, but about building rich life experiences which give context to personal and social life skills development

Ambitious and capable learner representative Nia commented – I think these activities are important as they will help make a difference within our school and community, helping all our pupils seek and enjoy challenges so we are ready to learn throughout our lives.


Healthy and confident learner representative Seren  –This list will improve the health and well-being of our whole community. This will set a good example for our younger pupils building their mental and emotional well being so we are all ready to lead fulling lives as valued members of society.

Ethical and informed citizen learner representative Jed  –Completing these tasks on the list will be essential for helping the environment and community, helping pupils to show their commitment to the sustainability of the planet as they become citizens of Wales and the World.

Enterprising and creative contributor learner representative Mali – This list can inspire more people to have a creative mindset, as they connect and apply their knowledge to creative ideas so we are ready to play a full part in life and work.