‘Our Pledge’


By pupils, parents and staff working together we support the school moto “Everyone wins with team work.”

By working together we will……..

Build a school where teachers, pupils and families enjoy learning.

Having chosen Saundersfoot Community Primary School, we will support the school’s aims and values, positively supporting the school.

Communicate openly and honestly to support our development.

Support the school values and policies in building citizenship amongst the school and community.

Care for our community and the people who live there.

Develop the talents and abilities within the school, making the most of the curriculum and the opportunities  the school provides.

We will communicate concerns and challenges which may arise throughout the year.

Ensure that we are ready  to learn on time and support the school’s attendance policy, promptly notifying  the school of any absences.

Take an active and supportive interest in  learning  through parents’ evenings and discussions about progress of education.

Promote education, safety and happiness for all within Saundersfoot CP School.