Croeso i Flwyddyn Chwech! Welcome to Year 6!

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What has happened so far?

What’s happening this term?

Year 6 children this term are learning through the topic “Archie Dobson’s War.” This is an EXPRESSIVE ARTS “driver” for the half term, where we will be producing a musical radio play set in WW1.
The “passenger” topics are:
           HUMANITIES – WW1, causes, geography of Europe and it’s changes. Crime Scene Investigation of the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand – using sources of evidence to find historical facts.
          SCIENCE: Crime Scene investigation of light.
In our MATHS we are learning about place value, including negative numbers and applying the four operations to problems and using 4 quadrant coordinates.
In LITERACY: Our genres of writing are autobiography and biography, and information texts. Our novel is WAR HORSE by Michael Morpurgo. We will also be studying poems by John McCrae and Carol Ann Duffy’s “The Christmas Day Truce”
In WELSH: Our genres of writing are autobiography and biography.
Our FABB6 FOCCI      How to care for an animal (Horses) with a trip to Pembrokeshire Riding Stables in Hundleton .
                                     Sing in a choir


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